Friday, 26 January 2007

IPCC report TBA - counter-propaganda already started

IPCC will release its latest update on the study of global warming and the big-oil black propaganda machine is already gearing up.

One such example is the creation of sites like this:

Now, I won't provide a link there, tell the URL or write out it's name in plain text, because that only gives them more hits, more readers to be duped and benefits the people who spam that site currently on various blogs.

What's so damning about the site?

The site (and it's name) is being promoted by a SEO competition company, who encourages spamming (in blogs, in forums, in newsgroups, etc.). I won't mention their name either, but they are one of the biggest in business.

The site contains utter lies about global warming, directly attributable to National Center for Policy Analysis, a pro big business lobby group, who've already been caught red handed taking money from ExxonMobil and lying about the basic scientific facts related to global warming.

So don't believe everything you read about global warming, especially if it comes from lobby organisations like the NCPA. They are not scientist and understand nothing of global warming. They are just paid-for spin-doctors.

What does this have to do with energy? Remember, some big oil companies would like you to believe their lies that global warming is a hoax (it's not) and that oil will never run out (it will).