Tuesday, 6 November 2007

When the news starts to spread

My cynical view on this world has caused me to fall back on a few principles when it comes to predicting the "what next". Some of these are human nature, history and "when it appears in financial publications". The latter might sound a bit off track but let me explain. In my view this world (western world that is) is shaped by money and the money business. We can get upset about this but I see it as a thing we have to live with.

The moment Peak Oil or energy shortages begin to appear in financial blogs or newspapers the time is there for things to start changing. This morning I stumbled across a Dutch financial blog called Blikopdebeurs. The current home page features a text on Matthew Simmons and a few pages down the history line has an interesting article on investing in precious metals where PO is mentioned as well.

When financial analysts begin to think, read and write, investors start to read and act and the world is honed into a new shape. Maybe this time no honing but chopping with a blunt ax. When investors act we will feel it and when we finally feel it we (the people) will do a lot of things among which panicking.

Now we only have to wait for major newspapers to get the green light to start publishing the ins and outs and finally I don't have to answer questions like "if this is going to happen why don't we read about it?".

Another believe system debunked at the same time?