Friday, 12 March 2010

Jeremy Rifkin gets peak oil (per capita) & peak globalization

Jeremy Rifkin, who wrote a was at Google for the Authors@google talks to talk about his new book 'Empathic Civilization'.

Jeremy Rifkin: The Empathic Civilization (50 mins)
"The entire economic engine of the industrial revolution turned off at 147 USD a barrel.
Our fossil fuel energies are sunsetting.
The entire infrastructure of this civilization is embedded in the carbon deposits of the Jurassic age. Our agricultural food is grown in petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides. Almost all of our pharmaceutical products are still fossil-fuel based. Most of our clothes... The entire construction infrastructure of civilization is fossil-fuel-based. Our power, transport, our heat, our light, our logistics, our supply chain. What we are seeing is the sun-setting of these energies and the life support of the infrastructure built from them.
That's what we haven't yet come to grips with." - Jeremy Rifkin
Highly recommended.