Friday, 29 October 2010

Can Oil Production Meet Rising Global Demand?

You've heard it from the geologists, from the oil engineers and the people studying energy systems.

Now, it's time to hear it from (for) the policy wonks.

The video, all one and a half hours of it, contains multiple testimonies on Capitol Hill about Peak Oil and the coming oil crunch.

Will this have an impact?

Hardly, as the Department of Energy and Military Peak Oil Reports show, people who need to know already know. People who don't know, this is too difficult a subject emotionally for them to grasp.

Also, if you view the audience in the Q&A session there are no congresspeople and certainly no senators.

If you only view one snippet, start at 00:45:00 with Bob Hirsch. Runs for about 10 minutes. Well worth the time as a good summary, if you are new to the subject.