Tuesday, 13 April 2010

US military: massive oil shortages by 2015

This is starting to sound like a broken record already, but now it's the turn of US military Joint Forces of Command who have prepared a study for military leaders to warn about coming oil shortage:

  • By 2012 oil production surplus capacity could disappear
  • By 2015 shortfall of oil could reach 10 million barrels per day
  • This would slow down economic recovery
  • ... which in turn would exacerbate geopolitical tensions
  • ... which could turn into resource grab wars
So much for biofuels replacing the shortfall, eh?

There is a further gem in the reporting of the study by Guardian:

"US military says its views cannot be taken as US government policy but admits they are meant to provide the Joint Forces with 'an intellectual foundation upon which we will construct the concept to guide out future force developments.'" - Guardian

That is, "please don't take this seriously, but be prepared for it to be the official stance any time now". Just so that you know.