Thursday, 27 November 2008

Finance crash 2009, Energy after 2011, Food after 2015, Ecological after that?

We just love the good news. So, turn away, browse elsewhere.

Here goes - a series of meltdowns

Marc Faber (investor):

"In the January of 2009 the world economy will be imploding. You gotta get out. I repeat: imploding."

Jeroen van der Veer (CEO, Shell)

"[We] had better make speed, or else the lights would go out. A sense of urgency is needed.
The energy challenge will be a problem for at least 50 years

Second, oil and gas alone will not be able to provide this fuel.

And third, CO2 levels will go up in concentration higher than the levels recommended by the scientists."

Oh yes, he forgot to mention the agricultural crash due to lack of fertile topsoil, competition from biofuels, lack of fossil fertilizers and the fact that we have been eating major grains from the stockpile for few years already (read: eating more than producing).

Bring it on, we say. Bring it on.

Only by wiping the slate clean can one really even imagine starting anew.